Define and Build your Author Brand (And Why You Need To)

A branding fundamentals workshop.

Why does your work matter?

What experiences do you have to share with others and what value do you offer that only you can provide?

Because, if you can’t easily and clearly articulate your vision or the purpose behind your writing, you will never be able to convey its importance to others.

We are always being judged, assessed, and evaluated by others.

People will interpret your work, your relevance, and the value you offer by what you intentionally – and unintentionally – share.

Whether you’re actively building your personal brand or not, it’s happening. So, why not be deliberate in shaping the direction it takes?

Your author brand doesn’t have to feel cheesy, packaged, or restrictive. In fact, if you’re purposeful in your brand planning from the beginning – even before you publish your first book – you can frame yourself and your work in a way that is gratifying to both you and your future readership.



Here's what we'll focus on in this author branding workshop:

No 1: Brand Storytelling

A powerful author brand doesn’t happen by accident, but by design. Create a narrative to connect your author brand and vision to your readers' values and interests.

No 2: Branding Fundamentals

When it comes to building a compelling author brand, there are two main areas that require your focus: brand identity and brand awareness. We take a deeper look into both of these areas.

No 3: Next Steps

We'll look at your next steps and some additional resources to get you on the right path. Because if done right, a powerful brand will build your reputation as an author and increase your marketing success.


"I was searching for guidance on how to effectively brand myself. This workshop is a must-attend. Kim gives simple but practical strategies on how to build a brand identity AND on how to get readers to notice.”

- Michael, Writer

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Kimberley Grabas
Kimberley Grabas

Kimberley Grabas is a Canadian writer and the founder of – a site where she provides writers with the resources, tools and inspiration they need to build their platforms, engage their fans and sell more books.

With degrees in both Business and Psychology, as well as over 14 years in sales and marketing, Kimberley uses her unique mix of skills and experience to help writers promote their work, build community engagement and develop an online presence in a genuine and meaningful way.